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Fund Rules and Amendments

• The Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund is a legal entity, which was created in accordance with the provisions of the Pensions and Provident Fund Act, 1987 as well as the associated Pensions and Provident Funds Regulations, 1988.
• Upon registration the Fund formulated its own Rules, which serve to guide the management of functions of the Fund. The rules of the BPOPF are binding on members, trustees and officers.
• The provisions of the Income Tax also govern the Fund particularly the Income Tax (Superannuation Funds) Regulations, 1995. The Income Tax Act and all other relevant Acts mentioned above can be acquired from Botswana Government Printers Bookshop..

• Retirement Funds Act 2014

• Retirement Funds Regulations

• Rules of the Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund 2020

• BPOPF BURS Approved Rules – April 2020